…and those that tell a story with passion, tell a story better than the rest.

Hi, my name is Chay Land. I became a designer because I love talking to people, learning new languages, and expressing what I think visually. I am very creative by nature and always looking for new sources of inspiration. Designing is my passion, it is what I do and it is who I am. My curiosity and ambition is what keeps me on my toes in today’s work environment.

I graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. I am a UI UX designer experienced in website design and development, mobile and responsive design, brand development, logo design, marketing, creative consulting, and photography.

In addition to being a designer I am a lifelong learner who studies Chinese, likes to be outdoors, and likes making salsa while I salsa.

Fun to Work With

Creative and never a dull moment.

Full of Solutions

Always looking at sources of inspiration.

Detail Oriented

Loves to stay organized.


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Become a Fierce Salsa Dancer
Speak Spanish
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See an opportunity for us to work together or have any questions just say “hi!” or if you want to learn more about design and what I do check out my blog!

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