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    Branding, Photography, UI, UX

Dacik is a web service where customers can order healthy meal prep for their lifestyles. Users select their plan size, input their dietary restrictions, then select their proteins and how many deliveries they want each week. Customers can have food delivered Monday, Thursday or on both days. The menu switches out every two weeks and is subscription based. Designing a service that made it simple for users to understand Daciks business model was a challenge.

• Match company brand colors.
• Inform the customers about what Dacik is to minimize phone calls.
• Make checkout easy to understand.

• We could not reinvent the wheel. We had to use lemonstand.
• The menu switched out every two weeks and could be delivered up to twice a week. The users plan needed to be customizable but within the limits of lemonstand.
• The plans had to be subscription based.

Wireframing, Prototyping, Photography, Website Design, A/B Testing.

Dacik did not have a previous website and their business model was a little different from other meal prep and delivery service websites. Customers would call in and place their order or continuously ask, “how does Dacik work?” The goal of the website was to explain what Dacik is and create a seamless checkout process where the users did not get confused. The changing menu and two delivery days was the most confusing for a user. I wireframed different scenarios and conducted interviews with users from different backgrounds to understand each of their thought processes.

• Users did not know what Dacik was or how it worked.
• Users did not know they could customize their meals and have them delivered twice a week.
• Users had dietary restrictions and needed to voice that.
• Dacik needed to be a subscription model

After interviewing different customers, I found that there are three types of primary users: The athlete, those who don’t have time to cook, and people who are trying to eat healthier or loose weight.

After conducting interviews and speaking with the owners of Dacik I designed a solution that highlighted the top 4 concerns and needs of the customers and business owners. I created a solution that explained what Dacik was, how it worked, the different types of meal plans and a way to customize them.