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    Branding, UI, UX, Wireframing, Prototyping

Mondigi is an educational platform that helps consumers understand different financial options and strategize which platform is right for them to diversify their investments. Mondigi came to the us in need of a logo & brand identity that encompassed Smart Money, Smart Life. The new brand identity crosses all channels including: print, web, events and social media. Their main product, the website platform, allows each user to filter  through different financial platforms. Some filters include account type, account size, what type of banker to person relationship they are looking for and features they may be interested in. From brand to product Mondigi shows their customers that they really understand their needs and where they are financially in life.

• Create a logo, a brand identity and voice that represents their values.
• Design a financial educational platform that is easy to use.
• Get users interested in returning to the platform by designing a personalized dashboard.
• Educate the users and make sure they understand every step.

• Mondigi came to us with nothing. No previous brand or ground work.
• They had a basic idea of what they wanted to accomplish but did not know the right questions to ask each user.

Wireframing, Prototyping, Website Design