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Wei Ban

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    Wei Ban

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    UI/ UX Design

WeiBan is an aviation product that makes paperwork before a flight easy to fill out and send in. Less paperwork means more organization and quicker approval for takeoff. The goal of the project was to re design an existing product and make it easier to understand and easier to market as a white label product.

• Create an app with the information provided.
• Make it more organized and digestible for a pilot to read.
• Avoid heavy branding so the app can be easily white labeled.

• We did not understand the needs of a pilot.
• Aviation terms and graphs were foreign to the team.

• Wireframing, Prototyping, Website Design

We Interviewed a pilot to obtain insight on aviation terms and graphs, we then mapped out a hierarchy of information for what needed to be seen first, second, and third. By working closely with a pilot we were able to wireframe the mvp of Wei Ban and get the skeleton of information approved by the client. Once the client was happy with the layout and how the app was going to function we went into design. White labeling the product was important to the client, flat icons, flat colors and minimalistic design was the approach we used to make it easy for a company to imagine their brand in this product while keeping it clean and easy to understand.